Quick Screening for Memory Loss

This is a visual memory screening for how well you process, store and recall new information. With no interruptions, this screening can be taken in a physician’s office or in the comfort of your own home in about fifteen minutes. Here are some examples.

example1 example2 example3 example4

The QSML is a quick way to screen for and identify memory loss.


  • Can you stop memory loss?
  • Do memory supplements work?
  • Are brain games the way to improve your memory?
  • Will diet and exercise slow memory loss?
  • When does memory loss become dementia?
  • Could you be a candidate for early onset Alzheimer’s disease?

Taking the eight versions of the QSML over time, and checking yourself against the validated list of warning signs, can help you find out.

Got 4 minutes? Click here to see how the screening works.
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To take the more comprehensive 15 minute FREE screening Click here.
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